What the hell is Lemon Grass?

Discussion in 'Fizood' started by Martin, Mar 15, 2012.

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    We have grocery stores here in the East Coast called Harris Teeter. Whoever Harris and Teeter are, they want you to eat as much shrimp as you are physically able. I know this because they change their weekly specials every Wednesday and I've gotten into the habit of going there every Wednesday to see what's new.

    Shrimp is alway on sale.


    I don't mean it's on sale as in, "Big shrimp sale! Dollar off per pound" or anything like that. I mean it's on sale like, "Buy 4 pounds and get 6 POUNDS free!" Or, "Buy 2, 2-lb bags of shrimp and get 3 bags FREE!" "Buy 1 bag and get 9 bags fucking FREE!!"

    "Just pull up to the door and give us one dollar in change and we will FILL the trunk of your car with raw, frozen, peeled and de-veined shrimp with a snow-shovel FREE!!"

    Anyway, there is a recipe on the back of the bag for Lemon Grass Shrimp and the only ingredients are these:

    1: This bag of shrimp. All of it.
    2: Peanut oil. 2 Tbsp.
    3: One bottle of Lemon Grass.

    So what is Lemon Grass? The fact that it comes in a bottle seems to suggest that it's a liquid but I looked all over that store and could not find it.

    I asked the guy behind the meat counter and he didn't know. I even asked some cute girl who was shopping and she didn't know. By the way, she also seemed a little bit scared that I was talking to her, which always turns me on.

    Please, help me. What the hell is Lemon Grass?

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