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    Have ever been told something you came up with wont work. your idea doesn't give in the laws of life it self.

    Fuck'em I'm sick of being told something or an idea i have wont work. When in Fact i've tried it and it had worked. I'm sick of smart ass mr know it all's who thing they know every damn thing about every fucking thing. So you were in the air force mr i wire up jets and planes and helo's wooo who cares. Just cause i didn't serve or take a class doesn't mean i don't know shit. Why can i weld and you can't ? yet i can fix all my shit and you still have to come to me for simple stuff ? At least even if i could fix something on my own electronic related I wanna be a real pal and ask you to do it for me and pay you some cash.

    Why is it that every forum you come up with a idea: and they chime in saying it wont work or you ask for help and insights and get flammed ? this is a serious problem everywhere.

    on a serious note: what should/shall we call these idiots ? since this is the only forum i know of that's completely relaxed with mellow and cool (yes crazy,perverted,physio, sick minded + more ppl) Men and women we shall discuss this further
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    You can't post this here. It won't work.

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