The sims 3 PS3 DONT BUY IT

Discussion in 'Games' started by jjpoul, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. jjpoul

    jjpoul New Member

    If you have the sims 3 for the PC i consider you dont get it for xbox 360 or play station 3. If you want to know why then here it is. On the sims 3 for PC you can build houses from scratch for the xbox 360/PS3 you cant.Another one On the sims 3 for PC you can put more than 1 family in a neighborhood,Sims 3 for xbox/PS3 you cant.If you want to know what to do if you have got it for ps3 or xbox 360 i would just simply sell it buy a PC if you dont have one if you do then get the sims 3 for thats my advice.Want more infomation email me at thank you.
  2. Lyseria

    Lyseria New Member

    I think sims are for hobos anyways, but to play it on any console sounds like it would be excruciating. *groans*

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