The Shield

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by moremetal4mepls, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

    Anyone ever get into this? I was recenly turned onto it, and have grown a huge crush on Vic Mackey, something about bald heads, gets me almost everytime. On a serious note, it has turned out to be pretty damn good.
    I've became quite the addict. Iam now in the season with Forest Whitaker, dude is such a good actor.
    I wish netflicks would hurry and send me some more episodes, having withdraws here.
  2. Schmed

    Schmed New Member

    Yeah I watched the whole thing in real time, had to wait for every season. It's my favorite drama show ever. I just re-watched the whole damn thing too. I want it to be released on bluray damnit! Have fun with the rest of it!
  3. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

    Finished it fianlly. Well my lust for Vic is long gone,bald head or not. He turned to be a major dick and deserved what he got. The more and more I watched it the more I grew to like Shane(Walton Goggins). What a great actor.
    My favs were Shane and Wagenbach "hungry like the wolf".
    Now Im onto Breaking Bad and hopefully soon will be watching Dexter again. I hear he has some form of cancer, hopefully he will make it to another season.
  4. Russian Derrick

    Russian Derrick New Member

    I don't watch t.v.

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