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Discussion in 'Random Media' started by chinaman, Aug 21, 2012.

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    When you step over the edge, you enter a world of stark reality. The pretty shroud falls away to reveal an ugly world, a terrifying truth, an exilerating existence. I'm not talking about drugs, I'm talking about experiences that go beyond an altered mental state. When you have known battle and hardship, pain and death and life, you step beyond the world of normalcy and really live. The price for this is high, it takes everything you have away and may leave you totally alone. And once you cross, you can never go back home to the world of lies. Those who have taken that journey know what I am talking about and will relate. Those that haven't will be at a loss, and I'm sure will answer this post with all sorts of comments about asses, random silliness, and new uses of the F word. If you can't watch a news show anymore without recognising that everything they say is a lie, then you know where I am coming from. If the reality TV, Internet, Facebook, polite society no longer feels comfortable, then you can relate. Greetings my brothers and sisters, stay safe, and never give up the fight.
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    well....i think thats pretty damn fuckin cool. welcome back chinaman!
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    Hi china old pal.
    Glad to see your philosophical arse back again , I must say you do add a bit of culture to the proceedings ,that and your ability to be coherent are well mist.
    I am one of the people who cannot relate but I won't bother with childish insults today , I'm trying to be nice. *smooch*
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    i actually can relate to that chinaman.ive been at the highest a man can be,im talkin all of it,life,money,drugs.cumin from absolutely nothing atall,hardly being able to eat i was so broke.for me wen i made it from the lowest to the highest,to then go back to nothing again,it really opens ur eyes to life,the medias lies,government corruption,all we are is pawns on a bad.we will never know the plans of the nwo but they are real,its just so obvious...bla bla but yea life is a maze of lies an not gna talk about sum aspects of horror ive seen an bin through but yea believe chinaman!

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