The Best Chili Recipe

Discussion in 'Fizood' started by JEFE, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. JEFE

    JEFE New Member

    Tonight, I have made the best chili you will ever eat. Ever. As long as you live you will not have chili that tastes as good as this.

    It still has to simmer for another 30 minutes but I can tell already it will be the most perfect chili that anyone has ever made. Ever. EVARR!!

    Beg for the recipe. I want to see you all grovel a little before I reveal it.
  2. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic Active Member

    Big chunks of stewed tomatoes? I love that in chili.

    Odd things I've done: One is a tiny pinch of cinnamon or ground clove. The trick it to see people get the suspicious look and tell you there is something in it they cannot put their finger on exactly what.

    Ground Cumin with your Chili powder. While it is an ingredient of Chili powder a little more I think is good.
  3. BigEddie

    BigEddie New Member

    no beans, right? I like chili with beans, but real chili has none. I love eating it over hot dogs, and I cant have too many chunks of tomatoes, I dont lik em'. I love it when its hot though.
  4. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

    That's called hotdog sauce. :)

    You can say that around here, but if you travel south they call it chili and look at you like you are crazy. Here, you have chili and hotdog sauce and they are two different things.

    I put sugar in chili (Of course, I eat fake meat in mine). I like it sweet. I like marinara sauce sweet too.
  5. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic Active Member

    While I don't agree on the tomatoes (I like a chunk of tomato in each spoon) I do agree on the beans part. And for that matter Pinto beans is my personal preference although some like Red or Kidney beans its not worth arguing over.

    Since I have started playing around with a pressure cooker I would like to come up with a recipe that used pre-browned meat and all the other ingredients including dried beans into the pot and cooked at once.

    In my experience pressure cookers are amazing in that they can make dried beans cooked and edible withing an hour if they are pre-soaked but if not its not a much different. None of that soaking all morning then slow simmering for four hours.
  6. JEFE

    JEFE New Member

    I copied this recipe, but modified it slightly. I might have bought in to the title a little bit with my first post.

    It's really good but I don't know if it's the best

    I'm re-heating it tonight and reducing it slightly. If I simmer this stuff down I think it will be even better.

    The recipe called for 'dark beer' so I used Guinness since that is what most people would use when they read 'dark beer' and some Starbucks coffee for the coffee. Also, I didn't de-seed the peppers and just chopped up whole ones and included the seeds which I think made it hotter.

    BIGMAMA New Member

    I make chili like once a year... um but I guess it is not a recipe... I take a can of Hormel chili, a can of stewed tomotoes, and a can of corn... heat it up, it kicks ass.

    yeah I am not much of a cook.

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