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Discussion in 'Cars' started by phatboy, May 23, 2008.

  1. phatboy

    phatboy New Member

    Post some (or all) of the vehicles youve had the pleasure of putting in your name.

    First car (well first two actually)

    73 and 75 Plymouth Duster (*stock photo)

    This is another stocker 74 C-10 (the photo is of a 4x4 mine was not)

    This is yet another stocker, I had a red 85 and then a green 92 (didnt learn my lesson)

    When I finally got a little money I was able to purchase more on the 'wants' and not the 'can affords' my first official purchased through a bank vehicle.... 87 K-5 Blazer (mine was blue)

    When I sold the Blazer I picked up an 87 Nissan, in rough shape, and did a lot of work to it. Including painting it. First vehicle I ever painted.

    87 Nissan Hardbody SE V-6 4x4

    After rolling in the compact pickup for a while I decide it was time to get another full-size. So I got a 95 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 and phucked it up... :)

    When the kids arrived I had to clear out some unreasonable vehicles and started buying SUVs for the wife. I traded in my 95 Ram on a 97 Mercury Mountaineer (Explorer) later bought an Expedition and so on, in the meantime I had a rash of un-cool cars (with good intentions)...

    92 Nissan pickup.
    Just like this one but mine was tinted and had hammers on it (they were on it when I got it).

    So I put away a little cash and decided to get something I was going to restore, and I mean a really little cash. Paid 1k for it all original 73k5 w/factory air, that didnt work. It would have been a good restore.

    Well I got tired of tooling around in 102 degree heat with no air, so I sold the K5 (for 1500) and picked up this 82 Silverado 4x4

    Finally I sold the 82 and got a 'new' truck, 01 Dodge 1500 4x4

    So after enjoying the 5-speed 4x4, I thought it would be better to get something bigger, for the family. 99 Dodge Ram 4x4 1500

    My first vehicle for gas mileage
    89 CRX Si

    When I got rid of the 99, I picked up the Hemi Quad Cab 05

    I'll add more when I find the pictures.
  2. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

    Jesus. I've had 4 cars my whole life, 3 really. I don't have any pictures on a PC. They were all Pontiacs though.
  3. phatboy

    phatboy New Member

    I just like driving different stuff.
  4. JEFE

    JEFE New Member


    1987 Ford Mustang LX

    1997 Toyota tacoma

    Neither one of these are my actual vehicles but they're the same type and color.

    Next I want to get an 08 HD Fat Bob. I'd drive around in a Chevette if I could only afford the Fat Bob.
  5. barron58

    barron58 New Member


    64 1/2 Mustang 289 4bbl, 4 sp, posi, $300 in 1976
    64 and half.jpg
    68 L78 Camaro 396 375hp, built by Honest Charles dyno @ 525hp $1000 in 1976
    74 Nova Stock 350 2bbl, 2nd owner $700 in 1982
    74 Nova small.jpg
    78 Camaro built 350, wife's car $300 for car, $600 in motor (wife worked @ Bumper to Bumper Auto parts) in 1986
    78 Camaro small.jpg
    77 Aspen R/T 90K miles, $1500 in 1999
    aspen rt.jpg

    Out of room to add the following:
    72 Mach I, 351 Cleveland $1500 in 1977
    74 Olds 442 built Olds 350 divorce special $700 for this and 77 Olds Cutlass Supreme
    74 Chevy Truck, straight clean 90K miles $1000 in 2003
  6. phatboy

    phatboy New Member

    So Barron do you still have any of those? The camaro especially, that was a helluva deal.

    Of course I was 2 in 76 (at the end anyway)....
  7. Icenhour

    Icenhour New Member

    86 Nissan Pulsar - ROCKED- I drove this car for 2 years and never put oil in it
    ? Nissan Sentra
    91 Jeep Wrangler - dyke year for me
    93 BMW 325
    92 or 93 Saab --sucked
    98 ford pick up (about 3 months)
    an old Dodge Raider - sometime cant remember
    99 Nissan Xterra
    01 Isuzu Rodeo
    Dodge Intrepid (about 6 months) gift
    03 Mercedes-Benz ML320 (SUV) - ok was not mine, a friend left the country (due to taxes) and I got to drive it for like 8-9 months until it was finally repoed - I was pissed - that day I got the oil changed and filled it up.

    05 Honda Element - stupid doors
    05 Honda Accord - stupid looking
    05 Ford Toy Hauler RV
    70 Chevy pick up,was my Grandfathers- I cant drive it, it has a stick on the steering wheel and no power steering - but looks pretty and runs great- we have my brother drive it when we need to move crap
  8. Icenhour

    Icenhour New Member

    you are all going to think Im a tard - but why does everyone say PWNED instead of OWNED
  9. MAJ Havoc

    MAJ Havoc Active Member

    1973 MGB
    1985 Honda Accord
    1998 Honda CRV
    2001 Dodge Grand Caravan
    2003 GMC Yukon
    2006 Lexus IS250
  10. MAJ Havoc

    MAJ Havoc Active Member

    Not everyone, just phatboy. It is geek-chic-speak. He will reprimand you for using LOL or ROFL, but "pwned" is perfectly acceptable as is "FTW?" Hypocritical? Perhaps.
  11. phatboy

    phatboy New Member

    Dont be hijacking my thread douche.


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