Rare Earth Metals Monopoly

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    I started paying attention to this after reading some investment news a few years back where they were predicting big gains in stock values for companies in the rare earth business.

    I saw another article and am posting it here. This is pretty serious for many reasons. From a tactical perspective especially since a lot of really high tech military technology depends on these elements. One reason it is not profitable to mine these here is the value of the Dollar. Also there are the environmental wackos to contend with.

    China creates rare earth strategic reserves

    Feb 8 03:46 AM US/Eastern

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    We're all witnesses to the next stage in history...
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    *Great pictures here BTW*

    Go ahead and click the link it covers 18 elements I believe.

    Here is my take. China has provided these elements for far cheaper than anyone else will using basically slave labor through communism. Ironically they would sell all their rare earth elements because their population did not need them they lived in grass huts, ate rice, and walked where they needed to go.

    Now China as well as India are emerging as world economies by embracing Capitalism. Problem is as a consequence their population is coming out of the dark ages and as a country they are starting to consume their own production. So they have less and less to sell as an export.

    We will have to go back to producing our own.

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