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    BIGMAMA New Member

    ok there was van parked at the gas station last week, had a sign... 20 Rib-eyes for $25.

    Just now there was a knock at the door ... I answer ... some older guy in a pick up truck says.." hey I am Stan - let me ask you what meats do you eat the most in your family?" I said FISH. He said "no pork chops or steaks?" I said "I am Hindu and my husband is Muslim." about chicken?
    I said NOPE. SO he walks away all disappointed.

    is this new... door to door meat sales, and vans with steaks in parking lots? Or is just happening in my town... might be the same guy, I dont know .. just found it odd.

    It is funny how Muslim my household gets with door to door salesmen and old ladies "spreadin the good word" and the cute little tie wearing Mormons.

    I also find it odd how people come up to my house... I live way out in the country ... I bet people in town, in neighborhoods get it worse.

    BIGMAMA New Member

  3. Homewrecker

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    No, they do it. Some of them get really nasty if you don't buy their meat.
  4. Nauseous

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    I get scared of the book selling people. I had two one year come to my house and I live outside the city limits. One was selling children's books and I was outside cleaning out the kiddie pool and the girl came up to me and asked me if I was the lady of the house and I told her no and she asked me how many kids lived here and I told her none. I told her the pool was for me and she looked at me like I was lying. I wasn't. The pool was for me. I sent her next door to the scumbags who really do have kids.
  5. Cheezedawg

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    A guy came to my house once selling "extra-meat" from his truck. Really it just meant he didn't sell all of his meat to vendors because the warehouse overloaded his truck and anything he sold was pure profit to him. He actually had a business card and free magnets so I bought some. 10 steaks for 20 dollars.

    Suprisingly, the were the best sirloin steaks I ever ate. If he came around again, I'd buy more.
  6. Bamboozle

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    Weird. I sell "extra meat" from my pants.

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