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Discussion in 'Random Media' started by chinaman, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. BullGod666

    BullGod666 Member

    You're another George Zimmerman looking for Trayvon Martin aren't you?

  2. Princess Natrasha

    Princess Natrasha Member

    LOL cheers fer remindin us pal…..its bin aboot 3 FUCKIN DAAAAYS! LMFAO!clarty fuckin cunt me pmsl! gettin 'em big fuckoff white veneers ye all av over in states fer me crimbo lak so din gie shit lak am proud 2b me!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Russian Derrick

    Russian Derrick New Member

    Quote "answering posts from a smart phone.."
    A bad workman always blames his tools Chinaman old buddy.
    Still I look forward to a witty dressing down from you when you get a bigger keyboard for your bigger thoughts.
    Could you try to inject a bit of humour and intellect in as well ?
    Best wishes,
    your russian comrade Derrick.
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