im crazy yes, but wrong i am not

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    i dont know how i wound up here but here i am
    im to the point of thinking i am dead and actually in hell
    other possiblities
    1) im getting "stress tested" by some organizations
    2) there is some sort of "spirit" that has taken over planet earth but it is unable to crawl in me lol
    3) ive been possessed
    4) im in some sort of Virtual reality bullshit that i nor the people i keep "feeling" can wake me up from or whatever
    5) ive been stumbled upon by gov agencies that find me to be a curiousity
    6) gang stalking
    7) i may actually be a catatonic schizophernic and all this is just a "dream"
    8) my family has pulled some dumbass shit-this has definitely happened regardless of anything else
    9) some punk ass dude "finding a husband" for his duaghter is a fucking try hard- would be nice
    10) i have brain cancer maybe around my left ear and im hallucinating all this
    good job fucking my head up regardless it still aint got weird enough for me
    hell aint shit...bout to start having the time of my life lmmfao yezzzzzzzzzgl
    how many years?
    face to face would be nice

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