I think Mayans were right about 2012

Discussion in 'Random Media' started by jacobpov, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. jacobpov

    jacobpov New Member

    Ladles and jellyspoons.

    I present to you...

    The latest challenger to Rebecca Black's throne... the retarded, produce-of-married-cousins, should-have-been-aborted freak... YASHA SWAG.

  2. ghostman

    ghostman New Member

    i ent sure bout end of world,but i think they truely were clever fuckers!!! like how did they know the world wasnt flat back then,an that there was 9 oither planets? ahead a their time loads they was,you gotta respect em in sum ways. ever researched the ancient astonaut theory?? research it an the facts an it will add up! ther was no god,,,,,the ancient astronaut theory is the missin link between science an religion.

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