How old do i have to be to seek medical advice alone?

Discussion in 'Medical Advice' started by Kelvined, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Kelvined

    Kelvined New Member

    i think i'm suffering with severe depression, i'm 16 this year. i don't want to have to tell my parents to visit the doctor for, i want some confidentiality. how old do i have to be (via the nhs) to be able to privately consult my doctor and get medical advice and therapy without any involvement of my parents
  2. Salamander

    Salamander New Member

    You can go by yourself. I dont know the quality of the healthcare, but there are a ton of clinics that can help you.

    Not sure about insurance/prescriptions but you can get advice for free.
  3. UnknownJohn

    UnknownJohn New Member

    You can always commit suicide. I am pretty sure you will no longer be depressed afterwards. You are welcome.
  4. Reizvolles

    Reizvolles Active Member

    If you can afford to see the doctor, then go see him. My brother suffers clinical depression. He is medicated and is doing very well. There's a few antidepressants that work well. Zoloft, Cipramil (Celexa), Lexapro (Seroplex) and Aropax work well. Aropax worked best with my brother. Generally it's an excess of serotonin that causes it and these drugs block it. If you can't get drugs, go to your local drug store and get some St. John's Wort.
  5. Lomotil

    Lomotil Active Member

    I'm with "UnknownJohn" - why take chances with voodoo medicine when the short and easy way out seems the best solution?

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