how much weed u smoke dailly???

Discussion in 'Smoking.' started by ghostman, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. ghostman

    ghostman New Member

    i smoke 7 grams of pure peng cheese dailly,i got told to cut down but naman fuck dat shit i is reppin da london herbalists arrrdddddd blood!! how much u mans smoke dailly????? n dnt be stupid n chat bare bull!! get me bloods!!!! ahahah,what kind a weed r u smokin,what kinda weed are u rollin!!!
  2. Russian Derrick

    Russian Derrick New Member

    You smoke dried banana skins and nut meg , you carnt buy any weed because you look like a fed.
    A gay fed.
    Also you drink baby sham and stick your little finger out while you sip it.

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