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Discussion in 'Cars' started by Cousin Geri, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Cousin Geri

    Cousin Geri New Member

    My CD player stopped working... now says Heating Error... ejected the CD... was soooo hot I could not touch it.. The middle heat vents are right above the CD hole. so I turned the air on... got it real cold and damn thing still says the same thing. I am going on a long trip Friday... this will suck big time if it is permantly fucked up.
  2. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

    Were you running the heater straight through the vents? Maybe you could do the vent/floor combo thing and it won't get so hot? That's fucking stupid though. It shouldn't do that, but since there is actually a 'heat error' code, that means they know they did something retarded.

    I think you should go high tech and get an mp3 player. You have the aux jack for it. You won't regret it once you start using it. You'd just have to convert your cds to mp3 which is boring but not hard.

    BIGMAMA New Member

    I know... I just wish I would find one on the street - full of my fave songs...

    I just give my nephew 10$ and a song list and makes me a CD or 2...

    it was fine just now... I just drove to my house and listened to an Elvis X mas CD .... got it for $2 today woohoo

    ( now joe will pop in and say " THATS 2$ YOU COULD HAVE SAVED FOR YOUR KIDS SURGERY)
  4. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic Active Member

    Tsk tsk tsk sometimes the truth is obvious enough nothing needs to be said.
  5. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

    How hard is it for you to put the shoe on the other foot? There are simple answers for everything, but life isn't that simple.

    ANYWAY... how much music do you listen to? Like how many songs would you need to put on an mp3 player if you had one?
  6. Cheezedawg

    Cheezedawg New Member

    I haven't bought a cd in years. I think the last two I bought were back in 2004.

    A hall and oates cd and an elton john cd.

    Nowadays I steal everything and put it on my ipod.
  7. BigEddie

    BigEddie New Member

    cd players are so outdated imo. Its all about auxillary ports. Just plug in your mp3 player and voila. Bought a new stereo (Pioneer) for about $80 and installed by BestBuy.
  8. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

    I don't want to mess up the aesthetics of my radio, so I use an FM modulator. I can't believe those things weren't standard on GMs until like 2008. Most 2006 models have them from other manufacturers... oh well. I like the look of my radio. My cd player doesn't even work at all.

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