Guitar Hero 5

Discussion in 'Games' started by MAJ Havoc, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Got it last night. I still have only played a few songs thus far so a full report will have to wait. There are a few upgrades that make this version more than a new track list. Online play is enhanced where you can play with 7 other players co-op, with different instruments or the same. Start a party and play with your band mates from remote locations. For me, the live version of Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do" and Dire Strait's' "Sultans of Swing" was worth the price of admission. Also, you can import all the tracks from GH World Tour to include purchased tracks. Solid Game.
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    Rockband Beatles comes out next week with reproductions of the beatles guitars. Lennon's rickenbacker is out first I believe. You have to purchase the whole setup to get Paul's violin shaped bass though.
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    We all know you are waiting for the 'Boy George and the Culture Club' skin flute edition.
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    That made me laugh.
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    First off, I'd recommend taking a step back from your console, allow the system to go through a "soft reset" and let it boot up again.

    This next step is critical...

    Carefully maintain pressure on the sync button on the guitar neck, as you slowly remove it from your rectum. I know it feels good up in there, but you're never gonna get star power if you're relying on your Denver nuggets to push the fret buttons.

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