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    Yeah, and they can die laying eggs, become 'eggbound'. It's very painful, but they have to lay eggs. 99% of the eggs that are sold in the store are not fertilized. You don't need a rooster around to make eggs. They are like us, they gotta get rid of them. So when people say that you are eating a baby chicken when you eat an egg, tell them that they are an idiot.

    Free range and cage free doesn't mean anything. They are still treated terribly. Like force molting. They starve them so that their bodies freak out and they molt. And they still burn their beaks because they can get away with saying cage free or free range when 97% of the time they are in a cage and that 3% they might get out, they are still wing to wing with other birds and they go nuts and peck... it's really bad.

    I buy eggs from I guy I used to work with that has a farm. His chickens are free range, grain fed and they stay in a heated barn. I won't buy eggs from the store.

    Unfortunately, eggs get snuck into a lot of food, so I am not totally egg-free and that makes me feel like a dick, but I do make a conscious effort to avoid them.

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