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    I just went there. I dont think I have ever been to one, I dont like donuts.
    I went because the lines were long everywhere else... and I needed to feed the screaming arab baby something. ANYWAY ... I tried a veggie egg flat bread breakfast thingy... and it was fucking awesome. It tasted just like a thing I would get from this trendy overpriced place in Atlanta... another cool thing about this Dunkin Donuts, is that they seemed to only hire little southern old ladies- like so old, they should be in a retirement home. The lady called me "shuga" and when she handed me my food, she said " Put cha seat belt on.... yall come back now ya hear" reminded me of the movie Best Little Whore House In Texas..

    anyway, it was a good sandwich

    Why is it we are expected to tip at the drive thru at Starbucks, but not other places?.. where the employees make less, and dont have the great employee benefits like the Starbuck bitches. I mean it does not seem fair... the people at Starbucks work in nice place, dont mess with grease or food, dont get dirty, listen to music... and everyone puts a dollar in the tip jar. I know a chick that works at one part time, makes 11$ an hour, has insurance... has an easy job... and gets tips. I say tip the poor bastards at other places that are making 6$ an hour.
    You know what I mean?
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    I've never been to either place but Dunkin' Donuts sounds like a nice place. I like older employees, usually. The kids are fucking pieces of shit most anywhere you go.
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    If you are stupid enough to tip in a drive-thru, then you deserve the satisfaction of knowing your $7 cup of creamy cum crapola coffee was extra-special when it was being frothed.

    That's like tipping at an all-you-can-eat buffet. If I'm physically leaving the table to pick up condiments, make return trips to the food bar, or refill my water, I'm not going to leave a tip.

    The above two examples are emphasized even more when taking into account the fact that the two employees in either position are making at least minimum wage.

    I haven't kept up with it, but a typical waiter's pay rate from the employer was less than $3/hr a decade or so ago. The rest was made up in tips.

    A near-perfect system, really - as it most closely mimics true economics in a free market.

    How would it be if every job in the country paid people hourly, at a flat rate of 1/3 or 1/4th the minimum wage, and the employee's job would be to earn the extra money in the form of gratuity for performing their job well?

    Then, change our current tax structure to differentiate between wages and gratuity (gifts) - do not permit the government to use it's filthy grubby hands to stake a claim on something given from one individual to another.

    Certainly worth a try? No?
  4. Lomotil

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    And, back to doughnuts -

    At Duncan Donuts (of which I sorely miss, for those 1-2 times a year when I'd eat doughnuts) - the Chocolate Kreme and Vanilla Kreme were the best.

    So fucking rich and sweet that you couldn't eat more than one.

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