2009 NFL Draft

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    Ok, so here it is, pick your favorite team, who they got in the draft and if you think they did good, or they just be polishing a turd.

    Atlanta Falcons

    Rd 1, Pick 24 (24) Jerry, Peria DT
    Rd 2, Pick 23 (55) Moore, William S
    Rd 3, Pick 26 (90) Owens, Christopher CB
    Rd 4, Pick 25 (125) Sidbury Jr., Lawrence DE
    Rd 5, Pick 2 (138) Middleton, William CB
    Rd 5, Pick 20 (156) Reynolds, Garrett OT
    Rd 6, Pick 3 (176) Adkins, Spencer LB
    Rd 7, Pick 1 (210) Walker, Vance DT

    Their defense sucked last year, so maybe a couple of these guys could help out. With some other off-season aquisitions they may do a little better than last year (gonzalez).

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