I bought an new car today

Discussion in 'Cars' started by moremetal4mepls, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

    I ran across a great deal, 2004 Impala, sunroof, red, 68,400, one owner who has records of all that has ever been done to the car while in their posession.
    I only paid 3200. Im jazzed, always wanted an Impala. Hope to own a 59 Impala one day.
  2. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    Congrats! I almost bought one a few years ago (not a '59). It was black... dark tinted windows and shiny rims, but it had some mechanical issues so I passed.

    I still hope to own an early 90's model Nissan 300ZX. I just love the looks of them... those and the Dodge Stealth.

  3. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

    Thats a sweet looking car too.
    I want to get the windows tinted in my Impala, thought of doing it myself, but last time I tried to tint my windows on my Z-28, I ended up with bubbles all in it. Gona have to leave it the professionals this time.
  4. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    Too bad you don't live around here. The guy that tinted my windows last time did an awesome job and he's not badly priced. I'd get the windshield tint strip too if you don't have one. They make it nice... usually only about 20 bucks more.

    I thought about getting vent visors/rain guards but I dunno if I would like them or not. I've driven cars with them and they bugged me, but maybe I would get used to it?
  5. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic New Member

    I blew the tread off of a tire racing one of those 300z cars at around 120 scared the hell outa me.

    Anywho check out these new Hyundai's pushing over 300hp w-out a turbo or a supercharger.

    I love old Chevys but refuse to buy new American cars now that my tax payments are subsidizing their stupid unions. I'll have my wifes Aura paid off in two more years I might find a good deal on one of these sexy things.

    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    • * 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes * Vehicle Stability Control System Operated Via Engine Power Reduction, ABS, Traction Control Measures Steering Wheel Angle/Direction, Yaw Rate, Wheel Speed, Lateral Acceleration * Traction Control * Electronic Brake Force Distribution * Front Power 320-mm Ventilated Disc and Rear Power 315-mm Solid Disc Brakes * Brake Assistance
      • * 3.8-Liter Lambda, V6, 24-Valve, DOHC, MPFI Engine; Front/Longitudinal Mounted With Horsepower Of 306@6300, Torque Of 266@4700, Alloy Block and Alloy Cylinder Heads * Extended Service Interval For Distributorless Ignition * ULEV Emissions
        • * Wireless Communication Access For Bluetooth(R) Enabled Devices * Diversity In-Glass Radio Antenna * Front Auxiliary Audio Input Jacks * Subwoofer * Navigation Aid With 6.5-In. Touch Screen and Voice Activation * Infinity(R) AM/FM Radio With 360-Watts and 10 Speakers Total; CD Player; MP3 Player; XM(R) Satellite Radio; XM NAVTraffic(R) Real-Time Traffic Updates
          • * 24-mm Front Stabilizer Bar * 19-mm Rear Stabilizer Bar * Independent Mac Pherson Strut Multi-Link Rear Suspension With Coil Springs, Gas Charged Shock Absorbers and Sport Ride Type * Independent Mac Pherson Strut Multi-Link Front Suspension With Coil Springs, Gas Charged Shock Absorbers and Sport Ride Type
            • * Front SBRP225/45VR18 91V and Rear SBRP245/45VR18 96V High Performance All-Season Bridgestone Potenza RE92A Tires * Alloy Wheels, Front 18-In. X 7.5-In. and Rear 18-In. X 8-In. * Compact Spare Tire

    And the list goes on and on


  6. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    Oh, yeah... I like the Genesis. I forgot about that one. I was eyeballing it when it came out. Very nice looking ride.

    I saw a Mitsubishi Endeavor yesterday that I liked. I like that they still keep that SUV box look and didn't go all huge grill, ugly fender, bubble butted like so many crossovers are now.... um... like the Nissan Murano.


    The interior is cool as well.
  7. MAJ Havoc

    MAJ Havoc New Member

    That Genesis is a pretty sporty ride. I'm impressed with Hyundai on that one.

    I need a midsize SUV for my wife that isn't too cost prohibitive. Her Lexus IS250 is too small now (dammit) so she needs somethng else. She likes the Saturn Outlook.


    Hope I can find a cheap one.
  8. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    My mommy just got a '10 Equinox. She likes it. I'll have to get used to it... big grill, bubble butt... I don't like the dash layout, but I like the seats and it has a ton of room and the exterior color is nice. Haven't driven it to know what it drives like. Had Pontiac not have been killed, I guess that's what my Torrent would have turned into (though the wikipedia says the GM Terrain replaced it)... probably a prettier version though. The Torrents are better looking and the Equinoxes IMO. Any kind of car that Chevy and Pontiac made the same of, the Pontiac always looked better.
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  9. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    Oh, and I would take the Nissan 370Z over the Genesis.

  10. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic New Member

    Holy shit almost 10% more HP and same basic price it is quite impressive. The Asian cars are kicking ass.

    53% front weight to 47% rear and that awesome synchro-rev manual trans means you would be stupid to buy the auto trans. Going into a corner really hard is gonna give ever so slight over steer and with 330+hp you can steer out of that with the accelerator. And downshifting will be a breeze without missing a shift.
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  11. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    I just thought it was pretty. I am not a fan of speed. It could max out at 80 and I would be fine.
  12. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic New Member

  13. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

    I think this might be my next purchase(once I find another job)

  14. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic New Member

    go for the black model with blacked out windows.
  15. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    If I were getting a Dodge, I would get a Challenger. Not to sound cocky, but I think I would look good in that car.

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  16. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

    I like this one too. I love the color.
  17. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic New Member

    I wonder what they call it. The old Challenger came in "Plum Crazy Purple" (factory name) if I recall correctly.
  18. Nauseous

    Nauseous New Member

    Yeah, you are correct and they still call it that.
  19. markjason

    markjason New Member

    I love this beauty, especially the color is rocking. You can decorate it with vinyl coated bumper stickers to make it more sporty and unique among the other.

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  20. mawar

    mawar New Member

    Thanks for sharing you cars i like these but i used this
    Toyota Corolla Van
    Daihatsu Mira

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