X60 #3 is going back to the shop

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tuanbuffalo, Mar 16, 2018.

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    My 360 has actully begun to damage my discs. Have any of you heard of such a thing? After about an hour or so of play, the console kicks the disc out as unreadable and it has a circular scratch all the way around it. It had done this before but I really couldn't prove the discs weren't already scratched until it botched my brand-new Guitar Hero III. That game went from box to console and never came out until it failed. When I took it out, it had the circular scratch.

    Microsuck wanted me to pay $99 for the repair since it didn't die with the "red ring of death." Apparently, that's what the new 3-year warranty covers. So I asked, "Since my console didn't die in the right way and is now physically damaging my discs, you want me to pay $99 on top of the $180 in damaged software it has already cost me?" One supervisor later, I got them to waive the charges.

    360 #1 died from the red rings. The 1st refurb I got had the NIC go out on it. Refurb #2 is killing my discs. I told them they had yet to send me a sufficient replacement for the first console which did, in fact, die properly.

    Ughh! I have a friend with a spare he uses when one goes tits up. I may borrow one from him so I can still rock out.

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