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Discussion in 'Technology' started by kriskris, May 27, 2016.

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    My old Dell Inspiron 1525 died in January of 2016 and I had been wanting a MacBook Pro with Retina Display for a while because I had gotten used to the crystal clear, crisp display while using my iPhone 5S. After 5 months of being without a laptop, I took the leap and applied for a Barclay Visa with Apple rewards. I was immediately approved and was able to start using my credit immediately to purchase the 13" via Apple's online store. I debated over the advantages/disadvantages of 13" versus 15". I really wanted something smaller that I could carry around easily. From my previous experience with a 15" laptop, it's more cumbersome to deal with. I choose the 512GB because I needed more storage and was of deleting files to make room. It's super quiet and fast. I also love that it starts up and shuts down quickly. It was super simple to do the initial setup. Coming from using Windows Vista was a change, but I'm enjoying learning to navigate iOS. I am very pleased and I would surely purchase another one when the time comes.


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