Two Candys Jokes

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    A janitor is cleaning the church, when suddenly the priest runs out if the confession booth.

    He bumps into the janitor and tells him to cover for him because he had run to the bathroom.

    Surprised, the janitor tells the priest that he doesn't know anything about confessions.

    The priest hands him a sheet of paper and tells him to find the sin on the list and it will tell you how many Hail Mary's to give.

    So the janotir goes in and then a lady goes in for her confession.

    She says,"I'm cheating on my husband." The janitor thinks, says it's adultery and looks it up the the paper, that'll be two Hail Mary's

    The lady says, "That's not all, I also slept with him." The janitor thinks again, says it's adultery and looks it up the the paper, that'll be two more Hail Mary's.

    Then she says, "I also gave him a blowjob." The janitor looks on the paper and can't find the word "blowjob".

    He gets nervous and runs out of the booth looking for help. He finally reaches a little alter boy and asks him, "What does the priest usually give for a blowjob?" The little alter boy looks at him and says, "Two candy's"
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