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    The sound of a blender mixing a smoothie sounds regularly in our kitchen for many years. Over the years smoothies have become for me a familiar food in a hurry like for someone scrambled eggs, oatmeal or a sandwich. Smoothie is helpful, simple and very tasty. If you are just starting to experiment with blender, these simple principles will help you make the perfect in all senses smoothies.
    1. Do not add too much water, otherwise, a thick smoothie will turn the liquid jelly.The consistency of the smoothie should be thick enough for the rich flavor and color of the smoothie.
    2. Homogeneous texture is the key to the success. It is important to acquire or powerful blender or the patience to smoothies turned out really tasty. In green smoothie should not swim pieces of greens, and soaked figs or apricots should be mixed with water until creamy. The right smoothie is similar to yogurt or a milk-shake.
    The wrong smoothie reminds a lettuce mixed with water.

    3. Do not mix greens with berries. If you want to put strawberries and spinach in your smoothie, be prepared that instead of a beautiful smoothie you get a marsh muck.
    4.Cold, but not icy. I have not met people who would like a warm smoothie. A cold cocktail to drink always tastes better. If your blender during operation heats the contents a bit, add some cold water to smoothie. Frozen berries will also add coolness. I also like to add some frozen bananas (peeled, sliced and sent in the freezer) — cocktail turns thicker, almost like soft ice cream.

    5. Sweetness is an important part of any smoothie. Bananas are the most versatile of the sweet ingredients . They add sweetness and creamy texture and go perfectly with any berries and greens. Avocado will add a creamy texture, but the sweetness will need to add natural sweetener like honey, jerusalem artichoke syrup, or maple can add soaked dates or dried apricots for sweetness to chocolate cocktails. Also, a pear or a ripe mango are sweet enough for your smoothie .
    ✩ To smoothies has not turned cloyingly sweet, I always add the juice of a lemon or lime.

    6. Stop. The experiments are fun and exciting, but too complex combinations do not always lead to success. As a rule, composed of a perfect smoothie is not more than five main ingredients. milk + strawberries + banana + cherry. Or: milk + spinach + celery + banana. It is sufficient to find your favorite combination, and you can't every day to cook the same recipe.
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