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Discussion in 'General Mayhem' started by TheGrimJesus, May 19, 2007.

  1. TheGrimJesus

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    Now I was looking up my trucks Gas Mileage and got a pleasant surprise. My truck will also run on E85 or Ethanol. So I have a alt fuel car. Which all the politicians are saying we all need to buy. I didn't even know my life is saved or is it?

    I started to read.....

    As you can the price for me to drive 25 miles

    Gas: Cost to Drive 25 Miles $3.81
    E85: Cost to Drive 25 Miles $3.50

    Wow E85 is cheaper! OMG I'm so switching.......But wait there's more!

    Gas: Fuel to Drive 25 Miles 1.25 gal
    E85: Fuel to Drive 25 Miles 1.67 gal

    Now they come up with my total gas costs

    Gas: 2228
    E85: 2101

    Now it all looks like me switching to E85 is the thing to do................Well the Math doesn't add up to me for the simple fact...

    MPG (combined)

    Gas: 20 mpg
    E85: 15 mpg

    Now If I switch to E85 I give up 5 miles per gallon. Which means I would have to fill up more using E85... E85 is selling for around 2.44 a gallon. I took a middle of the road price from march.

    So It breaks down like this I have around a 22 gallon tank. Filling up once a month like I do now with gas will cost me 644.16 with E85. So I will take the gas price of 3.00 dollars. Gas would cost me 792.00 a year at 3 dollars a gallon. Comparing the to I will save 147.84. Which most people would jump up and down at this point and say OH BOY go ALT FUELS!!!!!!!

    But don't get ahead of yourselves just yet. Lets go back to mpg. Gas gives me 20 miles to a gallon. So I can drive around 440 miles on gas. Which right now I only drive back and fourth to work and to the store and my gas lasts me about a month. So now E85 will give me 15 miles to a gallon. So I can drive 330 miles on a tank of E85 more or less. this is a difference of 110 miles. That's a lot of miles This also means that E85 will not last me a month like gas. So I would have to at least fill up twice a month with E85. Which doubles the cost per year too 1288.32 a year!!!!!!!!!!

    So in closing E85 is bullshit as a fuel...
  2. Dwaine Scum

    Dwaine Scum New Member

    well it's bullshit now, but it is only being used at 15% now. when there is a stronger demand, I am sure the price will drop. I have a hybryd flex fuel truck
  3. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic Active Member

    With stronger demand the price will go up actually. Unless there is a windfall on the supply at the same time. But I like the idea out of running 15 percent alcohol. Talk to any racer and they will tell you the benefits. Not if your motor was capable of more compression you would get more power out of the fuel. But like I said talk to an old school racer and they will tell you a carb for alcohol with have jets twice the size it simply needs to run a lot richer. But it also runs a lot cooler and at higher compression. In order to balance the ability to run gas means 9.5 or 10.5 compression 10 on the high side with these better cooling aluminum heads. That is really not what you want to run alky at.
  4. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

    I'm glad that I have a little car. I fill it up every two or three weeks. It cost me 36 bucks Friday @ 3.09/gallon.
  5. Lomotil

    Lomotil Active Member

    I thought the EtOH ratio was 85/15 (in favor of EtOH) for the new fuel (only 15% traditional petroleum) - I remember on a road trip recently, one (out of the 15) gas stations we filled up at had a disclaimer that all of their fuel had 10% EtOH in it, yet it could still be used in traditional gasoline engines. Didn't have any problems running it, and I'd have to check mileage records to see how it affected MPG. I know you get less distance for the buck with 'flex fuel' - but doesn't it just make you all warm inside to know you're doing something to save the planet, and our domestic corn farmers?

    Just watch... The price of corn meal is going to skyrocket soon.
  6. Nauseous

    Nauseous Active Member

  7. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic Active Member

    three very good articles linked in that one. As the article states I think that over all we need not worry about the corn market supply takes care of demands and visa versa. I'm more interested in monitoring abusive transactions in the commodities market. Who gets the wink and nod go ahead. And who gets slammed at the slightest possibility of an implication that irregularities occurred. As well as the peripherally effected markets such as the how the fluctuations in the corn price affect the poultry business.

    Possibly the real winners will be the less noticed overnight poultry feed barons that do their homework to find out what will be supplemented into the corn feed to circumvent this additional cost.

    The tip of the day may be beet roots for all we know.

    But I suppose if I did some solid home work and put money in the right placed and in turn made a windfall on my investment. That would make me and evil capitalist. :-\
  8. phatboy

    phatboy New Member

    So Grim, are you saying your truck is living an Alternative Lifestyle??? :)

    We had a company called Xethanol purchase a pfizer plant that closed down here in Augusta. They were saying how they were going to produce the E85 and BioDiesel. The city gave them huge tax breaks and they bought the whole plant for 8 million dollars. When I saw the deal was done, I went online thinking, hey this might be a place to try and get a job. However what I discovered was that it was all a sham. The same company bought a plant up in idaho, that was supposed to be their pilot plant, the pictures of the empty parking lot, with grass growing through the cracks in the concrete, led me to believe that the Augusta facility would never see production. And guess what? They have stripped the plant, which had about 30Million worth of equipment in it, and is now for sell.

    I heard NC had a bunch of filling stations that offered E85, but it seems hardly worth the savings. The bio diesel was supposed to be available for .70 a gallon, which is what I have seen it advertised for in TX, however you have to put some kind of conversion kit on your truck. I was going to buy a diesel, 40+k truck, because I would have saved a lot of money long run, but I'm glad I didnt. I would have been ticked....
  9. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic Active Member

    Origionally known AKA "ZEN POTTERY EQUIPMENT INC"

    A democratic money machine. They do what they want and when they want as well as how they want it done.

    Those 5000 personal FBI records illegally obtained by the Democrats will provide leverage for many years to come.
  10. tommy710

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    Last week my car exploded if anyone it its outside tesco in southport it aint in my name so it can stay there.

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