Microsoft has released Xbox One's 4K video

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    The traditional update in the middle of the life cycle of the console has brought the reduced dimensions of the device and slightly increased performance.

    During the announcement of the Xbox One was mentioned frequently in 4K resolution. It really is supported, but only for video. Now, console allows you to view movies in 4K, but games with such a quality hardware component of the Xbox One still doesn't fit. The only difference from the original console — increased frequency of the graphics accelerator: 914 853 MHz instead of MHz. This improvement allowed to increase memory bandwidth's esram to 219 GB/s to 204 GB/s.

    However, when moving from synthetic tests to real games most observers agree that the performance of the console is virtually unchanged. Xbox One a little better to cope with heavy graphic scenes, but significant differences from the original console to see will be difficult. However, the Xbox One supports 4K and HDR, which will allow users to see more vibrant colors picture.

    As for the appearance of the console, it has undergone a noticeable change. Xbox One S for 40% more compact than Xbox One and includes a built-in power supply, not external, as the original console. There is a perception that a serious competition with the PlayStation 4 console from Microsoft was originally supposed to look like. Also updated the controller, which is using Bluetooth to connect to computers, tablets and smartphones running Windows 10 and used for its intended purpose.

    Prices for Xbox One starting with $ 299. For this amount you will receive a console with a hard disk on 500 GB. For the version with drive capacity of 1 TB will have to pay $ 349. Also on sale will be the Xbox One S with 2 TB internal memory at a price of $ 399.

    Buyers of Xbox One should not forget that Microsoft is preparing to release the console codenamed Project Scorpio, which should have support for 4K and virtual reality devices for games. Performance trends will be much higher, as the price of the console itself.

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