Mass Effect 2 (X360)

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    BLUF: This game is the shit.

    This game is so big it takes two discs to run it. After having to go through one disc change, I installed both discs to the hard drive and hopefully won't have to switch out anymore. Anyway, if you've played ME1, you know the deal. It's all that and more. This time around, instead of just choosing "Paragon" or "Renegade" responses, there are also optional actions that you can take when the situtation presents itself (flashing icon in the corner of the screen alerts you to the opportunity to be really good or really bad.)

    Similar to ME1, you assemble a team, execute many missions (and optional sidebars, if you so choose). Some characters from ME1 are back for this sequel. Also, you can import your saved ME1 character into the game (I didn't save mine so I can't elaborate on that.)

    It's worth a rent to get the feel for this game but you'll need more than the 5-day rental period to complete this game (unless you have no other life.)

    If you haven't played either, go get ME1 ($19.99 at Walmart) and play it through. Maybe later you can find a pre-played ME2 for $40-ish.

    That is all. Carry on.

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