Ketosis or some shit

Discussion in 'Fizood' started by no_u, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. no_u

    no_u New Member

    Has anyone here done this ketosis diet thing? Basically eating nothing but fat and, ironically, losing a ton of fat as a result.

    Problem is I'm a goddamn vegetarian, and the ketosis mafia says LOL NO LENTILS OR BEANS EVER and I'm like, well, I want to be less of a fatass but what the fuck am I supposed to eat. I guess I could eat a ton of eggs? What about lunch - I bring my lunch to work but can't think of anything that won't cost a million dollerydoos that I'll be able to bring that isn't a sandwich.

    For reference I'm looking to lose about 15 pounds, nothing crazy, calm down everyone.
  2. mudslinger

    mudslinger Member

    Maybe you should try exercising. And how long have you been a vegetarian? Why is it that every goddamn vegetarian I meet is fat?

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