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    If you love coffee (and you love it, if you read this post), soon or late you will have a question — how to make coffee at home? Of course, we deny the instant coffee and won't review it here. Let's talk about the grain coffee. Our today's conversation is about coffee machines. Shop windows of home appliances can confound and confuse by its diversity anyone, but it's not so scary, let's deal.

    Let's start with the most expensive, and therefore most frightening option — an automatic machine with a milk frother. They are very expensive. The sellers justify the high cost of the machine with it functions — it cooks almost any drink with the push of a button. Generally, we can say that you will get expensive and not the smartest machine, and her cappuccino by no means be able to compete with a cappuccino from the coffee shop.

    Less expensive, and therefore less intimidating option can be a coffee machine with manual milk frother. The quality of coffee will not differ from the previous version, but you might be disappointed by the cappuccino making. From the point of view of price, this machine is more than rational attachment, and after several months of training, you will be able to make homemade cappuccino, which will be different from the cappuccino from the coffee shop.

    Capsule coffee machine will serve as a decoration of the kitchen, it takes up a little space, is inexpensive. True composition of the capsules is almost impossible to know — they are sealed, and the autopsy will make the capsule unusable. Espresso which is made by these babes, usually is good, but if you want cappuccino or latte, you will have to purchase a separate device for milk or use capsules of powdered milk, which foam is obtained chemically.

    Drip coffee machine is the most economical acquisition. The device of such coffee machine is very simple, so you wouldn't have any problems with it. A cup, which is made in the drip coffee machine, you hardly can distinguish from a cup, made in the expensive professional coffee machine. The only difference is that a professional machine designed for connection to a water supply and making very large amounts of coffee.

    Add it all up, we can say that there is the only one type of machines that can grind coffee as in the coffee shop. This is a drip coffee machine. The choosing of coffee for them is limited only by your fantasy, we recommend you to purchase bright, noticeable varieties as, for example, Kenya, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe or Sidamo, Honduras or Salvador.

    This guide will help you make the correct decision when choosing the coffee machine:

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