Espresso Yourself!

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    Espresso yourself!

    If you decide to make espresso, you need at least three things - coffee, water and coffee machine. Only coffee machine copes with this problem, and, actually, for this purpose it was created by the Milanese engineer Luigi Bezzera in 1901.

    The main difference between espresso from ordinary coffee is that for its preparation absolutely necessary to create a certain value the pressure with which the heated (not boiled) water will pass through a compressed tablet of ground coffee. Only in this case coffee drink lays claim to the proud title of Italian espresso.

    How does it work?

    The ordinary espresso machine must have a pump capable of creating pressure up to 15 bar. It should have a "horn" where filled with ground coffee, and a boiler, which will heat the water. Well, and the case in which it is possible to assemble or fasten all these details. The water is heated to 85-95 degrees (for twenty seconds) with force and pressure 8-10 bar, then pass through the layer of compressed coffee. And, finally, you're the proud owner servings of flavored drink.

    How much is it?

    The difference in price determines the number present at the device useful features, the degree of automation of processes and the manufacturer.
    Automatic coffee machines are more expensive, but they allow to make coffee in 2 steps: a choice of drink and the start. If you are not a Barista and just learning, you should not experiment, thus, you'll not be disappointed in your purchase.
    The manufacturers are paying special attention to the usability of the coffee machine. To simplify cleaning and save your time, a lot of models of coffee machines can automatically clean themselves.

    Be ready for the fact that it not only take some space of your kitchen but will be noticeable interior detail. But in less than a minute, it can make espresso of the highest quality.
    A wide range of manufacturers of coffee machines allows you to choose a model that will fit you in functionality, like a design and assures the required performance.

    Do not hide your money. The stingy man pays twice.

    This guide will help you make the correct decision when choosing the espresso machine:


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