Cordless Vacuums or Classic?

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    During the cleaning there is always a need to plug in a new socket, because if your apartment has more than one room probably it's not enough even the longest cable. Furthermore, the wire and the pipe of the vacuum cleaner plotting beneath your feet, are annoying. Is there an alternative to escape all these negative sides of cleaning process?

    Cordless vacuums
    These very comfortable, modern units appeared on the market, but not everyone has at home. For many of us, a classic vacuum cleaner is closer, and something new is perceived critically. So what is a cordless vacuum cleaner and to whom it will come in handy as a domestic helper?

    The principle of operation of the cordless vacuum cleaner is based on the use of batteries, thanks to which it may operate continuously without loss of power.This vacuum has a base, which consists of a charger, connected to the network, which is also the place of "Parking".

    There are two variants of the cordless vacuums. The first is a robotic vacuum cleaner, which has the shape of a washer and is only 5 cm thick, allowing it to easily penetrate everywhere and thus does not require human intervention. This ideal vacuum returns to the charging after an hour and a half of work itself. Cons: the trash bag is small.

    The second type is the vertical cordless vacuum with different design

    How to choose a cordless vacuum?

    You should carefully learn its technical characteristics to not miscalculate when choosing a home helper. A lot of models have a low power and are suitable only for small area of cleaning – crumbs under the table or the pet dander from the rug. But there are some vacuums which are no worse than classic powerful models. One of the most popular models is a vertical cordless model for a small daily and quick cleaning to regularly maintain the cleanliness. The battery capacity is enough for up to 20 minutes and then need to charge for three hours.

    Robotic vacuums can completely independently, from time to time charge themselves to keep the room clean. All you need is a smooth surface without thresholds and steps for it. Of course, for the pleasure you will have to pay a lot, but spend one day on this vacuum, you won't want to go back to heavy and unwieldy classical models.

    People suffering from dust allergy, should know that the filter in the robotic vacuum is small and does not hold as much dust as model Aqua-filter.

    Rating of the best vacuums are aviable here:

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    Interesting post, I have been looking for a new vacuum for a while but have not known what type to get and have read several reviews. Thank you for posting the ones you have seen, I'm going to take a look through them. Here is one I have just been looking at which was useful
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    I also have been trying to decide not just which vacuum to buy, but which type of vacuum to buy. Granted, I don't have a large home, but I've really enjoyed my cordless stick vacuum that I found here:
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    Yes, fuck-start your spouse into doing the work instead of you. Or fuck-start your grandma.
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    You forgot to mention this gorgeous review site!
    These fellows write really impressive buying guides!
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    Hmm, but it was worth immediately to think and read the reviews, and not to buy without looking

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