Discussion in 'General Mayhem' started by DangerousDan, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. DangerousDan

    DangerousDan New Member

    www.bulldoglist.com Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Horny chicks on film on demand.........................
  2. mia

    mia New Member

    Not that you are SAD, DESPERATE, or SICK, eh?? Is hard to meet a real woman, eh Desperate? :roll:
  3. DangerousDan

    DangerousDan New Member

    Interesting, I don't remember making that post.
  4. Your Friend Whipone

    Your Friend Whipone New Member

  5. DrBungle

    DrBungle New Member

    I disagree 8)

    MEDICVET New Member

    Whipone I resent that remark!

    I am a real woman.

    I sucking fuck NOT fucking suck!
  7. DrBungle

    DrBungle New Member

    Always in that order?
  8. Your Friend Whipone

    Your Friend Whipone New Member

    What do real women do?

    They lie.

    They talk about themselves.

    They lie some more.

    They take your money.

    They lie about taking your money.

    They try to make you feel insecure about yourself, so you won't leave.

    They are insecure about themselves, so they cheat on you.

    And they get away with it all.

    That's why I love men! I mean, uh, I love internet porn!

    MEDICVET New Member

    always, but just remember that dearest whipone is pretty on the mark with his assesment of women..;)

    course, same could be said for men too..it's the fucking human condition..we pretty much base animals, and do heinous things to each other sometimes.

    Except for us on this forum of course..we are priviliged, elite, geniuses, and decidedly different. :p
  10. Checkmate

    Checkmate New Member

    Read the book Spermwars. Changed my life and my views on women.

    [shameless plug]

    MEDICVET New Member

    shameless plug?? did you write it?
  12. Checkmate

    Checkmate New Member

    Nope, but it is still a free and rather shamless plug.
  13. DrBungle

    DrBungle New Member

    Hrm. I'll just say I'm glad to be married.

    MEDICVET New Member

    Okay, just cus curiousity is cruel to pussies i will check it out. ;)
  15. DrBungle

    DrBungle New Member

    Plus you seem to have tons of free time!

    MEDICVET New Member

    yup. :p too bad I don't have enough money to really fucking enjoy the free time tho! :cry: 8)
  17. DrBungle

    DrBungle New Member

    Yeah, I hear ya. I've been spending my days with my infant son and trying to study durring the naps.
  18. smiles

    smiles New Member

    ... and the occasional threesome with the mother of your infant and a girlfriend.... i do wonder..... do u find it hot when she girlfriend sucks your infants milk out of your wifes tits? as a small drop dances down the corner of her mouth and trickles down her chin..
  19. Robman97

    Robman97 New Member

    :shock: I can't speak for him, but it sounds nice to me.

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