Why is beer and alcohol so important in peoples life?

Discussion in 'Beer' started by Allwoodsmith, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Allwoodsmith

    Allwoodsmith New Member

    A lot of people drink beer everyday. When people want beer they demand it. If theres no beer they will go crazy. Why people think it makes such a difference in what beer they get. It all taste nasty. How could some people like the taste? What is your favorite thing about beer?
  2. Lomotil

    Lomotil New Member

    It's amazing negation of inhibitions.
  3. moremetal4mepls

    moremetal4mepls New Member

  4. Bormaley

    Bormaley New Member

    ya ya - -

    that's seriously
  5. GrizzlyVico

    GrizzlyVico New Member

    Re: ya ya - -

    beer is good. come home from a hard day get a couple cheaps nasty as hell. drink'em then move to the good shit. go out to the garage.
  6. phatboy

    phatboy New Member

    Re: ya ya - -

    Sweet Nectar of life. Air/food/beer in no particular order.

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