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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Lomotil, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Lomotil

    Lomotil New Member

    ...anybody have any suggestions? I've got a couple of people that I want to piss off, and tailor said pissing off into a specific means that I know will really get under their skin. Essentially, I need to make sure that these email addresses receive as much junk mail spam as possible. Help. ;D
  2. ucicare

    ucicare New Member

    Just register their email with AOL.

    That should do the trick.
  3. SoreVagina

    SoreVagina New Member

    Do you really have to sign someone up for junk email these days? Doesn't it just come preinstalled with the email address.......

    If you really want to annoy them write them a real letter no one gets those anymore.
  4. Lomotil

    Lomotil New Member

    Not surprisingly, one of these people uses AOL already.
  5. Dwaine Scum

    Dwaine Scum New Member

    Just sign them up for Dell's refurbished newsletter, I have been trying to unsubscribe for the last 9 months. And they always get past any spam filter. Only thing I have had success with, s put "If body contains Insperion, then move to trash" And I have emailed, called, and written dell, with the same response "may take 48 to 72 hors to remove from database"
  6. SoreVagina

    SoreVagina New Member

    Comedy central newsletter is the same always gets passed the spam filter and can't unsubscribe. Plentyofish is the same so is and so on and so fourth.
  7. Joeslogic

    Joeslogic New Member

    There used to be a sight called "spam me silly" about six or so years ago that would sign an e-mail into a huge list and their e-mail would be virtually useless after that.

    It is no longer around. I was always waiting for the opportunity to use it and never did.

    Did your neighbor dump her tree branches in your yard again?

    I’d use those sites Grim suggested.
  8. Disorder

    Disorder New Member

  9. Lomotil

    Lomotil New Member

  10. JEFE

    JEFE New Member

    Did it work? Did you make a test account somewhere and try it first?
  11. Lomotil

    Lomotil New Member

    Naw, I've been drunk for the past month or so - I'll test it after the 8th, when finals are over. Results to follow.

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